Top tips when buying a coffee table for your living room

When you decide to buy a coffee table we advise you to check whether you have sufficient space for you or your family to walk around the whole coffee table in your living room without bumping into anything. Designing a great living room means that you cannot make the room clustered and in doing so give your decor more space and make the living room user-friendly to sit back and relax after work. The coffee table that you buy must have a purpose and not be put there for the sake of filling up the living room. Take note of the measurements of your living room and then decide to purchase a coffee table knowing what size in advance.


Coffee tables


Glass coffee table

A glass coffee table adds a sparkle to your living room as it is enhanced with stunning light from above that gives it a classy, but glamorous feel to your living room. If you want your living room to create that luxury atmosphere for your family or guests then a glass coffee table would make the perfect fit. Then the next step when considering buying your glass table would be to choose from round, square or rectangle. Measuring your living room and potential space around the table will give you a better idea which shape of table will suit your living room. Take inspiration from the following coffee tables below from our website, we have a lot more if you browse our coffee table category as well.

Round or rectangle coffee table

If you have a large living room and intend on making good use of the coffee table, then a rectangle or square table would do fine. If however, you have a smaller living room in terms of length then it would be wise to buy a round coffee table to give you more space to walk around. When buying a coffee table, another thing to consider is how the shape of the table will affect the overall design of the living room. Having a circular coffee table in the centre of the living room gives off the impression of openness which dates back hundreds of years whereas a rectangle table symbolises a more structured and organised approach which you can see from old designs from the past.

Coffee Table Baccarat
Coffee Table Baccarat

Marble coffee table

Marble coffee tables provide a unique style to your living room because every marble is so different in design and look, it gives the impression that it is a once-off piece. Many of the marble tables we provide on this website will demonstrate this unique but natural look which is very eye-catching and a show-stopping piece when visitors come to your home. Marble coffee tables for this reason never go out of fashion and finding the right one can make your living room look stunning and luxurious. Feel free to browse around the coffee table category on our Mylestone website to pick the perfect marble to suit your home.

Marble Coffee Table

White, black or gold coffee table

This is the million-dollar question when picking the right coffee table for your living room because we all know that colour plays a big part in the design of your home. Gold from a design point of view gives off the impression of luxury, glamour, illumination and grandeur. Black gives off a sense of elegance, sophistication, boldness and strength. While white sends a message of purity, light, sincerity and softness. Another point to consider is whether one of these three colours goes well with the surrounding furniture, which is most likely the sofa in your living room. We would suggest taking a picture of the sofa you have or going to buy and matching this up with the potential coffee table and seeing whether the colour scheme looks off or is it on point. If in doubt we would suggest consulting with one of our interior designers who would give you that sense of ease when matching the right colours for different furniture.

White & Black coffee tables

Wooden coffee table

Wooden coffee tables by nature tend to give off a classic feel to your living room, and if you are going down this path then we would suggest taking a look at our wide range of wooden coffee tables on our website. When deciding on the colour scheme in mind for your wooden table, its something to bare in mind that a varnished table then highlights the grains and different knots is very much the same as the marble table above in that it is very unique in style and gives that classy look to your living room. Oak tables for that reason seem to be the most popular wooden coffee table to go with. If however, you want to brighten up the living room and complement the colour to that of the sofa or armchair then the coloured wooden coffee table would do just perfectly.

Set of 2 Nest of coffee tables
Berlin Coffee Table Set of 2
Set of 2 Marbel coffee tables
Coffee table Set of 2 Faux Emperador Marble