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Custom – Round Table leg double cross black For round table



Table leg double cross black (round table Ø140 cm and Ø160 cm)

Top MYSRM6064 or MYSRM6065

Custom made round dining table leg, black metal, suitable for solid round wooden tops up until 160 cm diameter.

Mylestone Interiors provide a wide range of dining tables that are modern, stylish and enhance the look of your living room. The right tones, colours and shape of a dining table are what we strive for that provides a gorgeous look and feel to your home. The dining tables we provide are unique in design but also blend in with a wide range of decors in your living room.

Tips on buying a dining table for a Dublin or Cork home

When buying a stunning dining table for your kitchen its very important to consider the following three concepts: Colour, Shape and Size. By taking the time to evaluate these three concepts to suit your living room, be it Dublin or Cork you will be able to buy with purpose and therefore buy the right dining table without any regrets.



For designing your kitchen we all know colour plays a huge part in making the room look incredible, stylish and create that comfortable atmosphere. But the colour of the dining table also affects the kitchen in other ways, such as bright colours make the kitchen look bigger, dark dining tables gives more focus to that particular table, and the colour of the tables have to go well with the dining chairs that surround it.


Shape of a dining table is very important to decide on before you buy because it has an effect on how people are facing each other when sitting down, how they able to walk around the table with ease and how the overall shape plays with the design and feel of the kitchen.


The size of the dining table influences how much space left to walk around, cook, how many people can congregate in the centre of the kitchen and is the size of the table big enough for the whole family to dine on without  any inconvenience. Dublin and Cork homes differ in the size of their kitchen which alters how you view a particular dining table you like. Many customers might fall in love with the style and design of a certain dining table but the dimensions and overall size of the kitchen doesn’t go well with the size of the dining table.

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(L x D x H)
95 × 95 × 75 cm

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