How to design Dublin or Cork homes when buying console tables

Console table introduction

Console tables are quiet a special table in that they can be placed anywhere in the home to provide an anchor to complement other decor and materials in the room. It is a multi-purpose table that has stood the test of time throughout history and because it can be used in many different spaces, rooms or hallways it has become a favourite for many interior designers to spruce up or add character to a person house.

It is very important to give your console table thought on where it is going to go prior to buying one. It is very common for people to buy a beautiful console table before you decide where to put it, and this is a mistake because to have a wonderful, but consistent design throughout the house it has to be really thought out first because you are placing it with colours, decor, materials in the room and they all have to add class and character in the own way but not hinder the design of the overall room. Before you browse through furniture websites or furniture stores it is important to get some advice from an interior designer you trust or admire. Another great tip is to look through interior design magazines and see how they incorporate the console table with the surrounding furniture and colour of the room and not just falling in love with a specific console table.

Console table in hallway

A console table in the entrance way of the front door captures people attention straight away and it is a great first impression for guests entering your home. The finest console tables are those that provide style, character and function. The best use of console tables in a hallway is to decorate it with family photos, table lamp and even a hanging mirror or a coat rack nearby that adds class, a friendly atmosphere with everything surrounding it is purposely put there.


Console table in living room

Console tables are in the living room provide an anchor or structure to a TV and fireplace, and because these tables are usually narrow in width they provide more space for other furniture to be placed nearby. When buying a console table/TV unit it is important to know whether the table is strong and sturdy enough to hold the weight of a television and other items placed on it and also where are you going to place the stereo speakers if you do decide to upgrade your entertainment devices in and around the console table/TV unit.


Console tables for Dublin city homes

Dublin city homes tend to have less space in the hallway than other counties because of the dense population and limited space in Dublin, which is why we suggest taking a little more time on where to put the console table. However, don’t be worried too much as console table are usually narrow so there is space to place them in the hallway. It’s worth thinking on the shape and size of this console table to give it great function and that stunning look to the hallway when you open the front door. We would recommend paying close attention on how it is going work well with the surrounding colour, floor and decor of the hallway to make sure everything is placed and styled to complement the overall look of your home.


Console tables for Cork homes

Since the area of cork is quiet large you have more room to play with then Dublin homes and in doing so it gives you the opportunity to add that big mirror, add a standing lamp and more space for your coat rack nearby when coming or going out of the house. We suggest then to take a look at incorporating these mirrors, coat racks or lamps but also keeping to the theme of whether you want a classic style look to your home or a modern (contemporary) style and choose your furniture based on this.

We at Mylestone Interiors have over 70 different console tables to choose from that would suite your hallway or living room be it in Dublin city or Cork city, with various shapes, sizes, colours and material. You can browse at your will through our wide range of console tables in the link (image) below.  Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog.


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