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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 .

Large Round Clock -

Start your collection of key pieces to bring your timeless country chic look together. This  XL Repro of vintage pocket watch style in Metal is just fantastic wall furniture. It looks well on a feature wall or a stair well. Be adventurous with your pieces but keep an eye on the quality –this metal clock ticks all the boxes.



Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 .

What are the key elements of Irish country style?Colours; Muted colours and natural textures are two signature elements of country style, soft greeny-blues contrast perfectly with creams and parchment.

Grey-blue takes on a life of its own, particularly when contrasted to stark white.

Textures Typical country textures include linen, heavy cotton and wool – soft to the touch, but hard-wearing.

Furniture Quality hard wood pieces in natural, waxed or limed finish – furniture can be painted but keep it for key pieces or areas such as kitchen to mass impact.

Lighting  Leave overhead and halogen lights off, and use table...

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