Welcome to Bedrooms

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 Welcome to Bedrooms

Over the coming weeks we will discuss the potential for your bedroom and bathrooms through the eyes of Mylestone Interiors, with helpful hints and the essentials you will need to create you bedroom oasis.

“Achieving harmony between function and aesthetics is the secret of a successful bedroom” Nina Campbell

This week let’s focus on bedroom essentials after all your bedroom should offer you a sanctuary from life, a place where you go to recover from daily challenges, to recoup, re vive or to hide whatever the case may be you need to keep this in mind when designing your bedroom.

Key one – where comfort reigns’ supreme, don’t scrimp on quality in your bedroom, Bed, mattress, linen and soft furnishing must be quality. Comfort will never be achieved if you cut back here, after all you use it every day all year round, what more value for money could we get, don’t fall for putting the money where others see it like a hallway chair – you never sit on! If you plan this space well you will fall in love with your home.

Key two – be sure to go as large in the bed as you can, support the room with places to put down your book or cup like a tidy side table or locker, have that luxury chair to sit on while dressing or simply place your clothes on, all these will ensure the room will work for you, go lush on upholstery here, it will be pay off trust me

Key three- storage- build in or  buy it in , no matter, a good size wardrobe is essential – you do need storage otherwise your room will be a floordrobe! Transform a small room into a walk in wardrobe finish it with a nice vanity or dressing table and yes again a chair, we do sit to tie our shoes!! Using this box room as a walk in can transform your clutter problems over night not to mention let you see what clothes you actually have. We have fab clothes boxes in store and online to sort your winter summer wardrobe

I will show you room rooms to tickle your inspiration and have a look at a few pieces to toy with, think about what you want as opposed to it happening in a disjointed way. have a look now on the website store and see some pieces that might get you started.

Questions so far-

what style should I go for? That’s a question for you , write down what your dream room is, and lets take it from there, send me an email and I will piece it together for you.

I have no room? Yes you do its about finding the right pieces, by using lighter neat pieces a great deal can be achieved, have a look at our industrial themed pieces, sleek therefore allowing a space to breath

Love the questions keep them coming x Next to come up French bedrooms by popular demand

feature image by Kathllen Hay Designs USA

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