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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ​New bedroom furniture added today. Leather headboards in rich browns or cool beige. Or go for the fabric option in light greys with matchig bed ends for added opulance.

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                                                                                                                        If YOU are hotel owner it would be wise to invest in on interior design that will make your guests feel as close to home as possible.A good interior designer can make your establishment very atractive to travelers at many varieties.

Mylestone interiors had the plesure to work with Sinead and John owners of the Victoria house hotel who trusted us to upgrade the hotel lounge .The Location of the hotel led us to the colour scheme that we picked. Luxury materials such as velvet fabrics,leather,wood acheave...

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End of line or designer furniture pieces at amazing prices, not to be missed. All items are marked at the clearance price. Some items may be floor stock , all goods are sold as is. Happy shopping!

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Black is an interior designer’s secret weapon. To get the most from this design theme the rules are very simple and it’s so easy to achieve today in your bedroom.

Clean the pallet first – fresh paint all round – the colour palate suggestion is cornforth white and dove tail -F&B

Keep the floor neutral – lush carpet will always greet with cosy comfort in the morning –stay in the neutrals colour wise

Furniture – the bed – take a look our rattan black bed stunning mixed with whites or greys high quality bed linen – a gift that keeps on giving

Simple desk dressing table and a chaise...

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Take 1-

Take a look at the Mylestone Interior room settings, as you will see shabby works all the way in a French bedroom, however there are many directions one can take with the French romantic themed rooms.

Room one- very shabby chic with a mix and match collection of old styled furniture, but don’t be fooled great work goes into making these pieces look  effortlessly shabby, the basics are a great bed, in a bold colour , simple shape but carved spindles or details. The bold colour can be greys, blues or even dusty pinks with an aged under tone of colour such as white-limed-gold or grey. You will see...

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 Welcome to Bedrooms

Over the coming weeks we will discuss the potential for your bedroom and bathrooms through the eyes of Mylestone Interiors, with helpful hints and the essentials you will need to create you bedroom oasis.

“Achieving harmony between function and aesthetics is the secret of a successful bedroom” Nina Campbell

This week let’s focus on bedroom essentials after all your bedroom should offer you a sanctuary from life, a place where you go to recover from daily challenges, to recoup, re vive or to hide whatever the case may be you need to keep this in mind when designing your bedroom.

Key one –...

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Come visit us on twitter and become a follower @mylestonemagic this will keep you updated to our new arrivals and of course our famous flash sales. Christmas arrives in store next week so we can share our mylestone magical tips with you in creating a perfectly festive Mylestone Christmas!

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We just love our new collection of timeless pieces full of character and style. These pieces truly excite anyone with an eye for trends or design. The added bonus to this range is it will stand the test of time and new trends as the forms are very classical but the colour gives a modern edge. Looking at the range one see it fits beautifully into a modern scape as well as a more tradition home.

At Mylestone Interiors we put a great deal of time and thought into our ranges and new collections, they meet our core values of quality, style and uniqueness. Mylestone Interiors leads the way again in bringing a new look into your home...

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When it comes to creating your interior plan- bring part of your personality into the mix. From the onset marry your lifestyle & location together to balance the space. To truly utilise the full potential of your home it needs to finds its own era. Utilise your interests or perhaps pieces from your travels, as inspiration. And soon the personality of the house has evolved. A close look at the interiors you should see a foot print that embodies who you are thus creating the ultimate hide away or haven –which every home should be.

Whether it’s a holiday home or your main residence we happy to bring your interior dream to...

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